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Single layer fireproof glass is a special glass(also called PYREX)processed by chemical and physical operation.It is capable of withstanding heat and explosion .Its surface has formed a high compression resistance to withstand hard impact .When broken,there appears to be numerous tiny pieces,doing little harm to human.Its flawless quality and transparency have become antonym with empaistic.   FEATURE. Single layer fireproof glass possesses fine resistance against the corruption of water,neutral acid and salt liquor, as well as chlorine, bromine, iodine and other organics. In the case of existing in the circumstance of 100℃ for a long time, the capability of resisting corruption of this glass outdoes many metals and other materials.Few univalent ions will be released after this kind of glass immerses into water or acid.In this process, the surface of glass will formulate an extreme-thin non porosity silicon film for protection against external corruption.   APPLICATION It is suitable for airports, banks, jewelry shops, various offices, libraries and other places which are quite demanding on glass strain   QUALITY In accordance with GB15763.1 - 2001   QUALITY Fire Endurance:30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60minutes, 90 minutes